Monday, 14 February 2011

Gay is not a choice!

Hi guys, back again with some random crap spewing from my pro-homosexual head. I am currently watching a show called The World's Worst Place to be Gay? It's set in Uganda, Africa so the laws are pretty hard there anyway, but the attitude of the citezens is ridiculous!

May I direct you to the video on : Eat the poo poo! This video might seem silly but there is a message in there that the Africans are spreading about gay people, making them seem disgusting and that they would eat faeces basically. This attitude is disgusting in itself, but tied onto their beliefs and religion.

In this program, some of the africans who were interviewed actually said that homosexuals were as bad or equally as bad as paedofiles! For a start, grown men and women are able to choose who they sleep with and children are not. Children should not be having sex and anyone who takes advantage of their innocence deserves to be put to death, sick bastards! But I digress... My point is that Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, as religious sycophants would like to believe, but it is something that you are born with, the same as you are born with green or blue eyes.

Anyhoo... it's not like I am gay or anything but I am open to homosexual relationships, I mean I have done stuff with girls! And it felt good! Lol, i kissed a girl and I liked it!! Ha ha thats just me though dirty bitch!!

But anyway... A jehovas witness came round for a chat the other day and i was interested in what he had to say because I have been into my Richard Dawkins of late, so I thought it deserved a discussion. Well he left me a booklet stating what the bible really teaches, and yes it is a load of bullshit. I dont believe in God or the bible so us talking again would be pointless, unless he wasnt his ass logically and resonably powned on the whole God arguement... Cant wait for him to come back lol.

I am an evolutionist and untill this theory gets disproven (it wont), I will always believe in scientific fact. Bit off topic there, but I guess you guys just want to hear about my lesbian experiences don't you...

Well which one to tell you about... Lol I'm not sharing this time!! Haha

Till next time! Much Love!! xx