Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Asylum Challenge: Started

Welcome Back to my blog. In my last post I set out the rules for the Asylum challenge in the Sims 3 and I have started my new game already!! Here is the Asylum that I built for my crazies:

My crazies all lined up waiting to head inside

I am playing as Sumara, who is also crazy, but is trying to become a normal citizen by completing her lifetime wish which is Jack of all Trades. I went for the scary girl out of the ring look, but she didn't turn out that scary after all...


Having one bathroom and only five beds does get annoying, but Sumara always seems to get a bed at night, probably because she goes to bed before anyone else!! Now for some pics of the other crazies I made in some weird situations (and remember I don't control them!):

This girl is bat-shit crazy
Yeah... This guy
There are some genuinely funny moments just watching these sims go about their everyday business and alot of wet patches on the carpet!

"Does something smell funky?"
 And then there's stuff like this... But we won't go into that here. Anyway, I will keep you updated about how the challenge is going and snap some funny pics hopefully!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Challenge Junkie: Asylum Challenge!!

Now it's time for my next challenge!! Let the fun commence!!

The Sims 3 Asylum Challenge Rules


You have been committed to a run down mental health facility against your will. In order to prove that you are fir to rejoin society and earn your freedom, you must achieve the goal you psychiatrist has set you: your lifetime wish.

The catch - you need to achieve your goal as quickly as possible, while keeping 7 other patients, who you don't know and are out of your control, alive and as happy as possible. Add that to budget cutbacks leading to a lack of furniture and limited supplies, and your task gets harder.

Step One

Create your sim in CAS. They must be an adult or young adult. You can choose whatever you want for looks, clothing, voice or favourites.They must have the traits Loser and insane. The other three can be whatever you want, but you cannot use brave or daredevil. Once you have selected all of your traits, roll a dice to determine your LTW.

If the lifetime wish has anything to do with marriage/roommates/babies or anything with multiple sims such as gold digger or heartbreaker, roll again.

Step Two

Create 7 other sims. They can be an adult or young adult. Each of them must have the traits Absent Minded, Insane and Hates the outdoors, the other two traits can be anything you want. You cannot have the natural cook trait, however, as this would make sims unable to start a fire with the stove! You can customize their looks, voice and favourites however you want. It doesn't matter what their lifetime wishes are, as you won't be playing as them. Only one of the sims can have the kleptomaniac trait and only one sim can have the mooch trait. You cannot use brave or daredevil.

Step Three

Build the Asylum on a residential lot. You can use money cheats to build it. It can be multi-storey or one, you choose. There are some restrictions though:

  • All objects, excluding plants, decor and lighting. must be place inside of the building.
  • Custom content is allowed, as long as it's from the Sims Store.
  • You can have no more than 5 'bed spots', you could have 5 single beds or two doubles and a single.
  • There can only be total seating for 6. That includes couches sofas and chairs. If you have a dining table with four chairs, you cannot have a 3 seater couch.
  • You may only have one piece of napable furniture (excluding beds), so if you have a couch you may not have a recliner and so on...
  • Only 1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 tub. For the tub you can have a tub or a shower or a tub/shower combo. You cannot have both a bath and a shower unless it is a combo.
  • You may only have a total of 5 skill building items in the house, so choose wisely at the start. Computers, stoves, bookcases, mirrors amd TV's don't count as skill items but pools and ponds do.
  • If you want a TV, you must purchase the cheapest one; but no other electronics/entertainment are allowed - no mp3 player, no handheld games, no video games, no pool table etc. If you choose to get a TV, you cannot have a computer.
  • You may have a computer, but only one. It must be on a desk with a chair, so it can be accessed by all the patients. You can use this for the writing skill. If you buy a computer you cannot have a TV.
  • You can have as many phones as you want but due to shoddiness of the Asylum there's no burglar alarm, no fire alarm and no sprinkler.
  • You must have the cheapest stove. You can only have one.
  • You can only have one fridge.
Step Four

Your goal is to get out of the Asylum and become a normal citizen of your chosen town. To do this, you must complete your lifetime wish. Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • The 8 sims cannot be related.
  • You cannot play the other 7 sims. You can't even click on their picture. They cannot get jobs and they cannot leave the asylum.
  • You may only leave the asylum to go get a job or go to work. You may also leave to buy groceries or go to the bookstore, but that's all.
  • You may have other sims visit. You can also date other sims as long as you don't leave the lot.
  • No maid, no gardener, no repair person, no exterminator. You cannot have a baby or move anyone else onto the lot even if someone else dies.
  • If anyone dies (other patients or visitors) you must leave their tombstone on the lot and allow the ghost to roam freely. Congrats, you now have a haunted Asylum.
  • If a patient dies, you must delete 1 bed and 1 seat, until you have only one left.
  • Once you are finished building and furnishing the house you must reduce your funds to $100. You can do this by purchasing fish and releasing them into the wild.
  • You can buy more objects if you have enough money, with the exception of: beds, seating, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, entertainment skill items or electronics (except phones).
  • No re-arranging of furniture to reserve or use something for yourself. For example, you cannot move a TV into a bedroom and turn it on just to get an uncontrollable patient out of bed so you can sleep there. Nor can you remove a door so that a room such as the bathroom is freed up upon your return from work.
  • You may not buy any objects that serve any purpose after beginning the challenge. Including - surfaces, seating, skill objects. You may buy windows, flooring, wallpaper, pictures, plants, lights and pretty knick knacks after starting. So choose wisely, the exceptions being that you can replace stolen or re-possessed items as long as you buy the exact same item.
  • If an uncontrollable sim gets and opportunity, you must ignore it. However, you can accept opportunities if it is for your playable sim, but remember you can only go to the bookstore, grocery store or work!
  • Each night at 12 AM sim time, you are permitted to pause the game and clear out anything that the inmates have put in their inventory - books, guitars, newspapers etc. However, you may not take out food, seeds or any other object a kleptomaniac may have received.
  • You must have the free will set to high. Sim lifespan can be whatever you want, set aging on.
  • You cannot use your inventory to reserve items for yourself. For example, you cannot put a book or a guitar in your inventory so no-one else can use it.
  • If one of the unplayable sims wanders off the lot, you don't have to do anything. They will come back eventually because they all hate the outdoors.
Step Five

When scoring, you are allowed to click on the other 7 sims and check their information.

+ 1 per skillpoint of any of the other 7 sims left at the end. Only living sims count.
+1 per friend any living sim has, not including any of the 8 sims that you created.
+1 per 1000 aspiration points your sim has
-1 per day you are in the Asylum. Check this by hovering over the time under your Sims avatar, it will say something like 2 weeks 5 days, one week is -7.
-20 per sim in step two that died.
-30 for each visitor that died on the lot.
-1 for each repo-man visit

Ok, now time to have fun!!

Spoiled Sim Challenge: Complete!!

Hello again!! The spoiled sim challenge is now complete!! My character Veronica (Ronnie) is one day away from dying of old age!! Hurrah!! Here are some special moments from her life!

Ah yes, the infamous Maid's outfit

Ronnie eventually got married to Leighton Sekemoto and I must say this has been the longest courtship of any sim's couple I have ever played!!

Ronnie winning a hot-dog eating competition at the Summer Festival!!

Fun in the sun!
There was a lot of play time in between, Ronnie got to the Governor position in the Politics career, had two daughters and formed a band which never made it big!! She also moved to a bigger house and went through three cars!

This is Ronnie and her daughter Lyra on her last day of life, being burgled no less!!

And here's a lovely picture of Veronica and Leighton in their elder years...

My final points for Ronnie were 66,221. Quite good but could have been better!! Might try this one again or continue with Ronnie's daughter and see what I get next time...

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hello there!! And welcome back to my blog. I would have posted yesterday about the Spoiled Sim Challenge but I fell off a ladder and didn't have time to play!

It's my own stupid fault for trying to bring a big pile of washing down with me, but I do it every day and I have never fell before!! Oh well...

I have played a bit with Veronica and due to her wishes she has broken up with a sim in public, which ruined her day!!

She also tried to have woohoo with Leighton but he was having none of it!! What?? A guy turning a girl down for sex?? What a wierdo!! Maybe he wants to be going steady with Ronnie before he jumps into bed with her??

Ronnie also wanted to buy this water slide for some reason and it's Autumn!! Anyway, if anything funny happens due to having to give Ronnie everything she wants I will update again!!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spoiled Sim Challenge Update

Hi there, well I started the Spoiled sim challenge yesterday and it's really hard forcing myself not to delete all those stupid wishes that my sim has!!

The sim I have created is called Veronica Silverton and she is trailer trash!! Haha nah she's not bad!! I originally wanted her to be in the music career but because of being a spoilt sim, she currently has a job as a podium polisher... That might come in handy...

I gave Veronica the flirty trait, and the social butterfly. God knows what possessed me to do that because she has a lot of social wants and has already been on two dates! Slut!! Well, hopefully she won't turn into the local bike, but then again she hasn't wanted to woohoo any of them yet...

I will keep you all updated with this challenge, oh and I already deleted a wish!! Arrrgghhhh!! I had to!!! Bye!!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Challenge Junkie: Spoiled Sim Challenge

Hello there! I'm just going to use this blog for my gaming updates and other random things that are going on in my life for now...

I recently got bored with the Sims 3!!! Arggghhh!! I know, shock horror, but all is not lost. After typing in different variations of cool things to do on Sims 3 and bored Sim 3 Challenge, I found a huge list of challenges to complete. So I thought I'd give them a go!

The first Challenge is called the Spoiled Sim. Thanks to Glitzyangel for the ideas.


You have to create one sim. Whatever they want, they get. In this challenge you have to fulfil every wish that your sim ever has - and you can never cancel wishes. Your sim may have wants to buy items, so they'll need some money - but you can't use money cheats.

Step One: Creating a Sim

Create a young adult in CAS. You can customize everything about them - there are no restrictions on anything. However, you may only create one sim.

Step Two: Buying a lot

You can move your sim into any lot you choose, but you have to be able to afford it. No money cheats in this challenge! Also, you must choose "unfurnished" if you're buying a lot that has a house built on it already.

Step Three: Decorating

You can create-a-style whatever you want, but you cannot buy anything from buy mode unless your sim has a wish to buy it. You can use build mode whenever you want aswell.

Step Four: Playing the game

  • As soon as your sim gets a wish you must promise it.
  • You cannot cancel any wishes.
  • If you have all four spaces filled, you have to fulfil one to be able to promise another.
  • You cannot cancel any wishes, even if they are not yet promised.
  • If you have four promised wishes already, and your sim gets another, you must not do anything to it.
  • As soon as you fulfil a wish, you must promise the next one.
  • You can not use anything (ambrosia etc...) to make your sim younger.
  • No cheats, unless to fix a glitch.
  • You cannot purchase any lifetime happiness rewards.
  • Every 5000 points (5000, 10,000, 15,000...) you can buy one item from buy mode even if your sim hadn't wished for it. It must be with your own money though, no cheats.
  • You are allowed to cancel one wish throughout the whole challenge.
Step Five: Scoring

The challenge ends when your sim is one day away from dying of old age.

  • +1 point for each lifetime happiness you have.
  • -1,000 points per promised wish leftover when your sim dies.
  • +1,000 points if you never cancelled a wish.
These are the rules, let the fun commence.... I will update with pictures of my challenge, I started this one today but forgot to take a screen capture, oh well I will do it before the end of the day!!

Link Click here for the original post of this challenge.