Monday, 24 September 2012

Why don't I care about music anymore?

Hello there, it's me again!! Just thought I'd pop in and have another ramble... So this post is about the fact that I just really don't care about Music anymore. I don't know when this happened, maybe it was a gradual change or maybe something just went pop! one day, who knows? Now i'm not saying that I haven't listened to music for ages because I have, the music that i'm not interested in is all the new popular artists or the artists regularly in the top ten lists. I mean, you can't really get away from new music as it is constantly used for TV adverts and played on the radio. But when I hear a new song now, that everyone seems to love, I just think who the hell is this and why do they sound like shit to me? Now you might be thinking of the episode of South Park where Stan has Asperger's and everything sounds like shit to him. (Nicely visualised by shit actually coming out of people's mouths!) But it's not like that at all! For example, I like certain new songs that I hear but they are never in the top ten lists, or ever would be. If a song has a certain meaning for me then I love it, like when I hear a song that's used in a game i'm playing it means more to me because I have experienced it. And someone who listens to the song without playing the game would be like... hmmm, that's a nice song. When you know that they don't really care at all or think it sounds like crap. Also, if one of my friends recommends a song that I have never heard before, I am more likely to listen to the song and like it. One of my friends recently suggested I listen to Die Antword, a strange band from South Africa. People might look at them and think, what strange looking people and the music, I have to say, is just as strange. But for some reason, I really enjoyed listening to them because they are different and quirky, maybe that's just what I needed, something different! Well, I did really go off pop music after meeting my boyfriend when I was 18, because he was what people would call a "Greebo" so obviously, I got into my rock music (which I still love). But to be fair, during that period in my life the pop music that was coming out was pretty shite! The only recent new artists who I actually like and have their albums are Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a weirdo, but people like her, Die Antwood are weirdo's but no one has heard of them... I don't get people's taste! But anyway, I realised that I was a tad out of touch when I was on an old favourite website (for when i'm drunk), Chatroulette. The premise is that you can instantly find someone around the world to chat to, but I have spoken about this before in a nother post. So anyway, I was on there a few nights ago and two guys popped up, one of which looked quite familiar but I didn't know from where... Then he asks me if I know who he is? And I think oh, he must be a popstar/rapper, so I turn to my boyfriend and say "I think I am on Chatroulette with someone famous, but for the life of me, I don't know his name!" That's when said famous person actually tells me "My name's Drake, the rapper? Do you know me?" Like he's looking for recognition or something. I reply with "oh ok." And to be fair I have seen him before on TV or something but I really don't give a shit. Then I'm thinking that he might ask me to show my boobs or something and expect me to do it because he's famous. Then he says "Have you heard my music?" and for the life of me I can't recall any of the songs that he has done which means they are probably shit. I reply with "no" and he and his groupie (rappers have those right?) burst out laughing like i'm the least uncool person in the world. I'm thinking he's not going to stay on much longer because I have been playing World of Warcraft all night on Teamspeak and look like a bag of shit. At this point, he does skip me, which I was expecting. Just thought i'd share this will you all because i'm sure there are people out there who would have loved to speak with Drake on webcam, but unfortunately i'm not one of them. Oh, and if you're like me and don't know who he is, then here is a picture of him to remind you:
Yeah, this guy. So anyway, what I think is probably my problem, which I hate to admit, is that i'm just getting old! 25 next year! I didn't even know who Justin Bieber was for about 3 months, and I'm kind of sorry I did find out! So there we have it, I'm behind my time, send me to the nacker's yard. But maybe someone who reads this will feel exactly the same as me and send me a message and we can talk about how shite new music is these days! Here's hoping...