Friday, 28 January 2011


*In this blog, I could only wish that I had the eloquence to put forward my ideas as sharply and humorously as Richard Dawkins, but alas I have a small mind and I was raised in Gornal, Dudley, West Midlands, England... You get the drift.

So yeah I have been reading a book called "The Greatest Show On Earth" by Richard Dawkins, which is awesome might I say, but the thing that draws my attention in this book is that so many people are against the whole idea of evolution. I had always grown up believing in evolution and my parents didnt have much stock in religion, in fact I remember my mom not giving a shit about god or anything, so why should i?? I have learnt much over the past week, nothing new that changed my whole perception of the world, I must add, just that my understanding of evolution and everything that surrounds it has grown somewhat.

So I find myself in a very argumentative state of mind; for example, when talking to people on facebook chat, people who I have known for years and are really good friends with, I seem to be aggressive in my manner of asking what they believe in (creationism or evolutionism). Just because it makes me angry to think that some people are so brainwashed into thinking that one God set out our whole beings with a set of blueprints and that we are the ultimate work of this so called God. I mean, humans are so diverse and in no way perfect, so why would a God create people who sometimes turn out faulty: e.g. disabilities, genetic mutations or even murderers. (Many differences are in my last comment but these faults are all faults that a God would not want in his perfect world)

But I digress... The title of this blog represents a new word that I learnt this week and what an interesting thing it means for the whole cell process and how we develop in the womb. The reason I am focusing on this word is because it sounds kind of rude! INVAGINATION! VAG lol, but seriously I never knew how cells behaved whilst reproducing themselves and it is truely amazing. Hopefully people will read this blog and be interested in learning more, even if it's because the word Invagination is funny.

But if not I will tell you a story about my teenage years at school when I was a rowdy teenager, you all want to hear about that right??

So science lessons, yes I played up in science, but come on it is boring, especially how the teacher put forward ideas. If I was a science teacher I could make up loads of interesting stuff that would sound like u were learning anything although u actually were! Well, I loved Biology and Chemistry, but I couldnt tell my friends that! They would think I was a swot! So when I was half listening to the teacher and half playing up I learnt some valuable stuff but also played up rotten.

Like the bunsen burners in the science classrooms! I dont remember what kind of gas came out of those things but we used to huff it!! Lol it would make u so high it was like a 20 cigarette nicotene rush!! Its probably really bad for you but we did it any way!! Also, when there was a substitute teacher and we had to go into the computor room for a lesson, we used to sniff poppers, it gave u a head rush for like a minute then it went away... So sad, wouldnt do that now!

Once in Science, I jumped out of the window just because I was so bored! Although I wasn't really, the class was about genetics (which is really interesting), but people noticed that I was taking an interest in the subject so I had to prove to them that I didnt care!! Crazy times but I think back to how much I could have listened to in science if only the peer presure wasnt there too be cool or a badass, which I was!! haha

Anyway, I ended up with a C in science which is fine for average, which I am, but I could have done much better. But you cant change the past and I do have some awesome memories from school! I'm just glad that my passion for learning about science has been ignited once again, and my "God" am I going to learn as much as I can, just because it interests me!!

Haha hope that the title got you interested! xx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shit Films on Shit TV Channels

So hello again, I know it's been a while since I last posted (ages and ages), but just thought I would blabber on again and share some of my innermost thoughts about life, love and everything else.

But first! The time of christmas has been upon us and it was the best christmas ever!! Seriously, tho my one year old nephew just made it!! I love him so much!! Anyhoo... Over Christmas/New Year you tend to watch a lot of christmas movie or just movies that are on TV over the time of christmas, which at the time you are all xmassy 'like yeah!! I love disney movies!' but you have seen them a hundred times and are always the same...

But anyway, lets talk about the shite movie channels at the moment like Si-fi or the horror channel, and they are shit but still I find myself up at one in the morning watching the crap that they call horror movies. Dont get me wrong, they actually have some gems on there, if you can be bothered to sift through the crap like on deadliest catch.... But not everyone has the time.

Most of the time you can guess the films that are going to be a pile of shit with titles like: Monster Crocodile vs. Massive Spider or Meteor Apocalypse, Black Dawn, Titanic 2, Belly of The Beast... you get the drift. But then you find the truly awesome movies that you wouldnt find elsewhere on TV like: Pontypool, Pandorum, Dead Girl and Black Sheep (yes I know its a bit shit but its so bad it's good). Also foreign movies that often surprise you, like french cinema (I thought that everything french was shit???): see martrys.
But often you have to shift through the shit to find the gems, like boyfriends!

I really have no point to this blog, just see the movies that I have mentioned are good and your life will be better for it, well, I can guarantee nothing!!

But anyway, I am just into horror movies since my dad used to make me stay up late and watch them with him when he came home drunk! Like the Omen and some random vampire/zombie movies that scarred me for life!! Well it must'nt have been that bad cus I am a horror movie whore!! Ha ha!

Thats another ramble my me, Lollypop, if u like read my blog more I promise I will update more often, if not go and fuck yourself xxx