Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Top 3 Scariest Video Game Enemies

Ok, so after rambling about Final Fantasy Bosses for a bit, here are my top 3 Scariest Video Game Enemies of all time!!

Ok so Number 3 is The Butcher from Silent Hill Origins!
What not Pyramid Head? The other humanoid to appear in the Silent Hill games and the movie? No, he did not scare me like this guy did... Why?
Well you kind of expect this stuff in a Silent Hill game, you know, strange twisted creatures conjured up by an evil little girl trying to kill you. But when you walk into the local Family Butcher's you don't expect to see this:
The ferocity of the killing made me afraid, very afraid that he would turn his rusted old butcher's knife on me. Seriously, when I saw this guy I had to put down the game for about a week while I plucked up the courage to head back into Silent Hill. I am a wimp I know!

But anyway, when I finally picked the game back up and decided to take the Butcher on. It turned out that I didn't have to, not for a while anyway. The really scary thing about the Butcher was that he was always around, but you always managed to miss him.

Like when you get to peep through a hole at the room you were just in and he is just standing there, waiting for you, obviously on your trail. That's when you freak out and run away from the room in terror, because he might just be around the next corner...
Oh God!! Not you again!!

And speaking of Silent Hill...

My Second Scariest Video Game Enemy is: The Otherworld from Silent Hill.
So you might think that the other world can't be an enemy, but I hate it and love it just like any other enemy in a game. You might even say then, that it's actually Alessa who is the enemy, but I disagree.
The enemy in this entire game series is the otherworld. I played through the first game when I was about 13 and it had to be night time with all the lights turned off. Why I did this to myself, I don't know. All I know is that the otherworld scared the crap out of me.

Especially in Origins, where you have to actually choose to go there, by touching a mirror and entering the twisted, formidable world.
The atmospherics in the game has always been a draw for me, the soundtrack and just sheer creepiness of the series appeals to me because I love scaring myself!! Having to choose to go into that bloodstained and rusted world was hard for me, in my head I was screaming "Don't do it!". But it has to be done to progress in the story.
Bosses aside, the otherworld in Silent Hill is a much more scary place than the mist covered normal world, where you actually feel safer...
...Even if there is creepy stuff like this lying around.

So anyway, that was number 2!! Now for the most terrifying enemy I have ever seen in a game...

The Regenerator from Resident Evil 4!!
Yeah, this guy. Urghhh!! It's not only that he looks terrifying...
...Scratch that, Shit your self scary!! Or the fact that he smiles as he walks toward you...
...Or his tentacle thingies that come out!! Arrghhh he's too close!!!
Even the fact that once he is down, he regenerates isn't the scary part. It's how he moves. For example, you shoot his arms and legs off an he is just a torso with a head lying on the floor. He doesn't just lie there until his limbs grow back, he actually jumps towards you from the neck!! It's the most disgusting movement I have ever seen an enemy make in a game and for this reason I haven't completed the game as I can't stand playing this section!
Just no!!

This is the only game that has defeated me with it's scares. But after writing about all these scary games so much, I kinda feel like playing Resi 4 again... Thanks for reading!

10 Scariest Video Game Enemies: Part Two

If you read Part One of my list, then you will see that my list of scary enemies in games is quite unexpected and not what everyone would choose.

This is because of my own personal experiences with games and not just based on what looks scary or is intended to be, for example: Deadspace is a truly terrifying game, but none of the enemies stood out to me particularly and thus didn't make the list.

Anyway let's continue... No. 7: Seymour from Final Fantasy X.
People reading this might think, wait, he's not scary! And it certainly doesn't seem that way at first, he welcomes you into his home and even offers an invitation of marriage to the beautiful Yuna...
...Who is the main character's love interest in the game. This annoyed me at first because Tidus is supposed to get with Yuna right?? But anyway Seymour is a really scary guy, and not because he has this:
The Aeon Anima, who can take out close to 1000 enemies, just by thinking it. But because of his apocalyptic ethics which are so atrocious that when I first played this game I thought, are you for real?? (I later realised that he wasn't real, he was just a video game character). In order to save the world, according to Seymour, he should become this:
Which is Sin, the ultimate enemy in Spira and then proceed to make sure that no living thing is left on the planet, just so that there will be no more suffering! How twisted can you get? Oh and there's also the unrelenting battles that he loves getting into with you, including this one:
Which is a really annoying battle where Seymour transforms into Seymour Flux and casts Total Annihilation on your whole party, leaving everyone with 1HP. This battle constantly scared the shit out of me while trying to heal myself from 1HP with items that would kill you because he cast Zombie on your ass!! (Which makes all healing items give you damage)

Anyway, some people might not have found that scary but surely the next one:

No. 6: Slender Man from Slender
It's easy to see from this screenshot why he is so damn scary. You spend most of the game running around looking at this:
Empty, dark forest with no real features or landmarks to tell exactly where you're going. It's a very eerie game where the anticipation of seeing Slender Man is the best thing about the game, because it makes you jumpy after a while of collecting notes and not actually seeing him. Check out some of the Slender reaction Videos on Youtube and you might just want to give this game a go!

Ok, onto something different... No.5 The T-Rex from Tomb Raider.
This guy scared everyone the first time they played this game! He suddenly appears from around the corner, massive and hungry with panic inducing music hammering away in the background!! Oh and you need the shotgun to kill this guy!! Lara's graceful jumping acrobatics don't really help her out at this part of the game when you are just trying not to get stomped on or eaten and then accidentally jumping into the ravenous creature!! The good old days...

No. 4: Chainsaw Zombies from Resident Evil 4!!
Aw, he doesn't look that scary!! Well that's because you can see him!! When you first encounter this fiend you have about 5 seconds to react to the sound of the chainsaw before this happens:
And after trying that section a few times, you work out how to get around him but spend the rest of the game listening out for a chainsaw and thinking Oh Shit! everytime you hear it, because if you are fighting off a horde of zombies and can't turn around to look for the chainsaw wielding madman, chances are you are already too late and get insta-killed by having your head sawn off!!

Read Part Three for the Top 3 Scariest Video Game Enemies!

10 Scariest Video Game Enemies: Part One

So I just read a Cracked article about the 10 Scariest Video Game Enemies and I didn't agree with the list. Now I know this is only because of the writer's (Cyriaque Lamar) own experience with playing games, but I felt strongly enough to write my own list, cus I can! So now, I am going to give you my list of the most terrifying experiences I have had in games.

And the list starts with No.10: The Fake President Boss in Final Fantasy 8!!
Yeah, this guy.

Now, you might not think that this guy looks very scary and alot like American President George Bush, I'm guessing this is who they modelled him on. But after a very tedious section of the game where you have to jump from train to train, avoiding guards and certain death...
...You finally get into the train to 'negotiate' with the President in this scene right here:
And other than that fact that his attack is to gnaw on your head, he doesn't seem too hard to kill or that scary! And then this happens...
Arrggh! He transformed into some dripping sewer monster who is now ten times stronger and ten times more disgusting to look at! This probably scared me so much because I wasn't expecting it at the time and I was about 10 when I played it!

Anyway, now we are onto No. 9: Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
You can probably see why he is scary... But it's not just the fact that he is a hideously mutated Zombie, or that he is about 20 times stronger than a regular zombie that makes him so scary. It's that he never gives up on killing you...
The first time you encounter him is in front of the police station and at this point you can choose to fight the monster or run into the police station. When I first played this section I was so scared I couldn't decide what to do and after about 10 seconds, the options box vanishes and you are left to defend yourself. Again I was in my early teens when I played this and it's not like normal zombies are scary enough (they are), but they just had to throw in this ridiculously overpowered dude to slow you down!
Anyway, if you were left to fight for your life outside the police station you eventually got the guy down by relentlessly pummelling him with your hard earned and precious ammo. STARS!!! Phew, you think as you head into the police station ready to ransack the place for more ammo. You wander around taking out a few zombies here and there, feeling quite safe now that all the drama is over... Wait? What did I just hear downstairs??
Oh shit!! Not this guy again!! You think as you frantically get chased out of the police station by a guy who loves leather almost as much as Marilyn Manson. Needless to say, this hulking beast chases you throughout the game, the whole game!! Even when you think you have finally finished him off, he suddenly makes an appearance again and you actually get bored of shooting him after a while.

I felt a little bad for him when he ends up like this near the end of the game:
Well, this is what happens when you create an unstoppable monster that routinely finds himself riddled with bullets and losing limbs, only to grow them back in strange and disgusting ways.

I sighed a sigh of relief when I shot that final bullet into the pulsing mush that was his brain, just for the fact that he wouldn't suffer any more...

Ok then now we are at No. 8: Enderman from Minecraft
This innocent looking guy is probably the scariest enemy in Minecraft. Why? Because of his behaviour! He doesn't just rush at you like the mindless Creepers, Skeletons or Spiders that are also trying to kill you in the game. Oh no, he mocks you as he attempts to steal your soul and your building materials!

Let me explain... You're casually trying to build yourself a nice little house and maybe doing a bit of farming, minding your own business, when you glance over into the distance and spot a little black shape not moving. Oh crap you think, I've spotted him now! You try and look away or run back towards the safety of your house, but you have seen him now, and he won't leave you alone. Because when you glance back at where he was, he suddenly pops into view closer than before and that's when you hear him!
The little freak, doesn't move when you look at him but when you turn away, he can pop up anywhere in the area that you are, ready to beat you to death with that block that he always seems to be carrying! The sounds are scary enough to freak you out in this game without this sneaky little shadow man taking advantage of your blind spots!
Oh well, you can always hide out until morning where the sunlight will eventually finish him off! Bye bye little Enderman!!

Read Part Two for more unexpected frights!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Why don't I care about music anymore?

Hello there, it's me again!! Just thought I'd pop in and have another ramble... So this post is about the fact that I just really don't care about Music anymore. I don't know when this happened, maybe it was a gradual change or maybe something just went pop! one day, who knows? Now i'm not saying that I haven't listened to music for ages because I have, the music that i'm not interested in is all the new popular artists or the artists regularly in the top ten lists. I mean, you can't really get away from new music as it is constantly used for TV adverts and played on the radio. But when I hear a new song now, that everyone seems to love, I just think who the hell is this and why do they sound like shit to me? Now you might be thinking of the episode of South Park where Stan has Asperger's and everything sounds like shit to him. (Nicely visualised by shit actually coming out of people's mouths!) But it's not like that at all! For example, I like certain new songs that I hear but they are never in the top ten lists, or ever would be. If a song has a certain meaning for me then I love it, like when I hear a song that's used in a game i'm playing it means more to me because I have experienced it. And someone who listens to the song without playing the game would be like... hmmm, that's a nice song. When you know that they don't really care at all or think it sounds like crap. Also, if one of my friends recommends a song that I have never heard before, I am more likely to listen to the song and like it. One of my friends recently suggested I listen to Die Antword, a strange band from South Africa. People might look at them and think, what strange looking people and the music, I have to say, is just as strange. But for some reason, I really enjoyed listening to them because they are different and quirky, maybe that's just what I needed, something different! Well, I did really go off pop music after meeting my boyfriend when I was 18, because he was what people would call a "Greebo" so obviously, I got into my rock music (which I still love). But to be fair, during that period in my life the pop music that was coming out was pretty shite! The only recent new artists who I actually like and have their albums are Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a weirdo, but people like her, Die Antwood are weirdo's but no one has heard of them... I don't get people's taste! But anyway, I realised that I was a tad out of touch when I was on an old favourite website (for when i'm drunk), Chatroulette. The premise is that you can instantly find someone around the world to chat to, but I have spoken about this before in a nother post. So anyway, I was on there a few nights ago and two guys popped up, one of which looked quite familiar but I didn't know from where... Then he asks me if I know who he is? And I think oh, he must be a popstar/rapper, so I turn to my boyfriend and say "I think I am on Chatroulette with someone famous, but for the life of me, I don't know his name!" That's when said famous person actually tells me "My name's Drake, the rapper? Do you know me?" Like he's looking for recognition or something. I reply with "oh ok." And to be fair I have seen him before on TV or something but I really don't give a shit. Then I'm thinking that he might ask me to show my boobs or something and expect me to do it because he's famous. Then he says "Have you heard my music?" and for the life of me I can't recall any of the songs that he has done which means they are probably shit. I reply with "no" and he and his groupie (rappers have those right?) burst out laughing like i'm the least uncool person in the world. I'm thinking he's not going to stay on much longer because I have been playing World of Warcraft all night on Teamspeak and look like a bag of shit. At this point, he does skip me, which I was expecting. Just thought i'd share this will you all because i'm sure there are people out there who would have loved to speak with Drake on webcam, but unfortunately i'm not one of them. Oh, and if you're like me and don't know who he is, then here is a picture of him to remind you:
Yeah, this guy. So anyway, what I think is probably my problem, which I hate to admit, is that i'm just getting old! 25 next year! I didn't even know who Justin Bieber was for about 3 months, and I'm kind of sorry I did find out! So there we have it, I'm behind my time, send me to the nacker's yard. But maybe someone who reads this will feel exactly the same as me and send me a message and we can talk about how shite new music is these days! Here's hoping...

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Now that's a spicy meatball!

Ok so this blog is all about my love of spicy things!! I never liked spice before, a chicken tikka masala was the hottest thing that I could handle!! That was until I met my boyfriend, he turned me on to the world of chilli's. Now I can't cook a Stir-fry, curry or bolognese without turning up the heat! My favourtie chillis are the birds eye chilli's from asda, just little red and green gems that can kick a meal up a notch.

Then you have scotch bonnet chilli's which you can buy from tesco which are scorching hot but taste so lovely!!! Also, Jalapeno chilli's, now lets get this right it's pronounced: Hala-peeno. It isn't hard is it?? The J is silent!!!! Really bugs me when people get it wrong, like chipotle, its pronounced Chip-ot-ley, not Chip-otle!! Wtf people??

Ok rant over... Any way, a show that showcases some amazingly spicy food is Man VS Food, which can be found on Dave or the Good Food Channel. I just love this show, it makes me want to go to America so much! The premise is a normal guy travelling around America savouring the biggest and the best food that America has to offer. This often invloves him taking on some ridiculous eating challenge and winning... most of the time!

But anyway, my favourite spicy meal is pasta, bolognese sauce and spicy meatballs, and now I will attempt to write the recipe for y'all.


Minced beef or lamb
Ground Cumin
Ground chilli powder (or kashmiri powder)
Tinned, chopped Tomatoes
Pasta, spaghetti or any other variety
Cooking oil
Worcestershire Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Bird's eye chillis (or any other chilli)
Chilli Sauce (Any brand but not sweet chilli)
An Egg
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Cheddar cheese to serve


So first of all you want to make up your meatballs! Mix the minced meat, cumin and chilli powder in a bowl, then add half a diced onion, a whole chopped chilli (or two) and the egg for binding together. Mix it up with your hands!! It feels good! Ok... after mixing these ingredients together, start to roll out your meatballs into well, balls and make them as big or small as you want.

Get a frying pan started on a medium to high heat and another pan for the sauce. To the sauce-making pan add the other half of the onion, diced or thickly sliced depending on your preference and the mushrooms. When the mushrooms and onions are on their way add some salt and pepper for seasoning. Turn on the frying pan to brown your meatballs. Add the meatballs to the frying pan while checking your other pan doesnt burn. Add another chopped chilli into the sauce-pan if you want it hot!!!

Whilst the meatballs are browning, add the whole can of chopped tomatoes into your saucepan and stir. For flavour add a dash of worcestershire sauce, a big blob of tomato sauce (Heinz is best) and as much chilli sauce as you want. Now keep the sauce bubbling at a high temperature so that when the meatballs are nicley brown, they can continue to cook in the sauce.

Put on a big pan of water to boil and add salt to season. Add the pasta when the pan is boiling, then turn down the heat and place a lid on to let the pasta cook. Add the meatballs to the sauce when they are a lovely brown colour, they wont be cooked through at this point but the bubbling sauce should continue to cook them.

Now I usually sit down at this point and have a beer and a ciggie while everything is cooking away. If you want to keep an eye on the food that is cool, but this is my chill time.

Anyway, when everything is cooked, drain the pasta, and don't stir the meatballs too much or they might break and place into a bowl, then add some sauce and meatballs and add cheese to serve!! Viola!! Spicy meatballs and Pasta!

Now for a funny story to break up this post... One night my boyfriend was making a spicy bolognese for us, and he went through most of these recipe steps whilst making up the food. Needless to say, he had just chopped some chillis up and must have forgotten about it because he proceeded to go to the bathroom for a wee...

All I saw was him running in our bedroom, face and shirt soaking wet, gasping in agony and motioning at his crotch! At some point he must have rubbed his eyes with his hands too so that's why his eyes were streaming and he was in pain. I remember him saying: "babe, I am burning up, I need to have a cold shower!" so we bustled him into the shower, stripped naked with the water on the coolest setting... Our housemates at Uni found this hilarious I must say!! And that must have been the craziest chilli experience we have had, although his younger brother did get a chilli seed in his eye at Shanghi Fusion and that was pretty mad!

But that's a story for another time! Hope you enjoyed!! xxx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Hello again! It has been a while since I last posted, quite a while actually but I thought I would update with another rambling. The title of this post has to do with the lovely weather that were are experiencing in England at this very moment in time! Its only the first week of spring and it is boiling! Seriously it's like summer is already here! It makes me want a barbeque so bad!!

So I have a few stories about being in lovely hot weather to keep everyone entertained... Ok so family holiday to Weston Super-mare, well my mom, sister, brother, mom's boyfriend and his three kids all packed off to the beach for a day. The only thing was that I was seeing the son of my moms boyfriend too!! (Dodgey gornal relationships!!) Anyhoo... we bought a little dingy to paddle in, you could fit about 2-3 kids in it. So we were having fun with that, as I said lovely hot scorching weather(in england? I know...) when me and my boyfriend at the time decided to sail out on the dingy further than the other little kids, we were about 14-15 and have some fun on our own!!

Bit dodgey tho trying to balance in a dingy that is floating around in the sea not to mention how little space there was!! I was perched on top of the dingy doing... well i'll let you guess, when i spotted my mom and she was squinting right at us trying to see! I ducked right down in the dingy and was like oh shit!! Haha that scared us so bad we both jumped out and swam around a bit to seem like we were acting normal! Haha the memories!

Anyway, another memory I have of a scorching hot day is when I was about 13 and all I had on was a bikini top and a miniskirt (slutty I know!) and I was innocently walking up my street when a lad who was about 16, one of my neighbours, starts chatting me up. Now, he was quite a bit older than me and thinking back it's kind of sick that he would be chatting me up when I was a skinny 13 year old with hardly any boobs so speak of.

So as I was walking to the shops, he keeps following me and telling me how fit I am am, I didn't really like him at all or his family for that matter, when he says he will buy me a drink. So we get a can of pop from somewhere, then we walk back towards our street through the graveyard (seems silly but it was a shortcut!). When we are reaching the end of the graveyard he asks me for my number and I really dont want to give it to him! So I try and make some excuse.

But then suddenly he pushes me over onto the grass and looms above me... his shadow blocking out the harsh sunlight... and I am not liking where this is going at all. He sits down beside me and starts putting his hand up my leg going up my skirt and I am panicking now, he could do anything he wanted with me and there was no one around to stop him.

I had to think fast, so I threw the remainder of my can of pop all over him and ran for my life back home, he didn't follow me thank god but I am so glad that nothing worse happened that day. Anyway, some good memories, some bad, that's life. Now onto something more intellectual...

Seeing as how hot and sunny the weather is outside, I should really get off my laptop and go and enjoy it, and my favourite way of relaxing in the sun is reading a good book with a nice cold drink beside me. The book I am currently reading is the 8th book in a series by Kelley Armstrong. I just love these books! It has everything a girl could want, all female main characters, vampires, warewolves and magic!! If you love all of those things then I recommend this series to you, the first book is called Bitten and the main character is the only female warewolf!! Hope you enjoy reading them and thank you to my friend at work for lending them to me!!

Now I'm off to enjoy the sunshine...