Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hello there!! And welcome back to my blog. I would have posted yesterday about the Spoiled Sim Challenge but I fell off a ladder and didn't have time to play!

It's my own stupid fault for trying to bring a big pile of washing down with me, but I do it every day and I have never fell before!! Oh well...

I have played a bit with Veronica and due to her wishes she has broken up with a sim in public, which ruined her day!!

She also tried to have woohoo with Leighton but he was having none of it!! What?? A guy turning a girl down for sex?? What a wierdo!! Maybe he wants to be going steady with Ronnie before he jumps into bed with her??

Ronnie also wanted to buy this water slide for some reason and it's Autumn!! Anyway, if anything funny happens due to having to give Ronnie everything she wants I will update again!!

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