Monday, 25 March 2013

Spoiled Sim Challenge: Complete!!

Hello again!! The spoiled sim challenge is now complete!! My character Veronica (Ronnie) is one day away from dying of old age!! Hurrah!! Here are some special moments from her life!

Ah yes, the infamous Maid's outfit

Ronnie eventually got married to Leighton Sekemoto and I must say this has been the longest courtship of any sim's couple I have ever played!!

Ronnie winning a hot-dog eating competition at the Summer Festival!!

Fun in the sun!
There was a lot of play time in between, Ronnie got to the Governor position in the Politics career, had two daughters and formed a band which never made it big!! She also moved to a bigger house and went through three cars!

This is Ronnie and her daughter Lyra on her last day of life, being burgled no less!!

And here's a lovely picture of Veronica and Leighton in their elder years...

My final points for Ronnie were 66,221. Quite good but could have been better!! Might try this one again or continue with Ronnie's daughter and see what I get next time...

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