Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Challenge Junkie: Spoiled Sim Challenge

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I recently got bored with the Sims 3!!! Arggghhh!! I know, shock horror, but all is not lost. After typing in different variations of cool things to do on Sims 3 and bored Sim 3 Challenge, I found a huge list of challenges to complete. So I thought I'd give them a go!

The first Challenge is called the Spoiled Sim. Thanks to Glitzyangel for the ideas.


You have to create one sim. Whatever they want, they get. In this challenge you have to fulfil every wish that your sim ever has - and you can never cancel wishes. Your sim may have wants to buy items, so they'll need some money - but you can't use money cheats.

Step One: Creating a Sim

Create a young adult in CAS. You can customize everything about them - there are no restrictions on anything. However, you may only create one sim.

Step Two: Buying a lot

You can move your sim into any lot you choose, but you have to be able to afford it. No money cheats in this challenge! Also, you must choose "unfurnished" if you're buying a lot that has a house built on it already.

Step Three: Decorating

You can create-a-style whatever you want, but you cannot buy anything from buy mode unless your sim has a wish to buy it. You can use build mode whenever you want aswell.

Step Four: Playing the game

  • As soon as your sim gets a wish you must promise it.
  • You cannot cancel any wishes.
  • If you have all four spaces filled, you have to fulfil one to be able to promise another.
  • You cannot cancel any wishes, even if they are not yet promised.
  • If you have four promised wishes already, and your sim gets another, you must not do anything to it.
  • As soon as you fulfil a wish, you must promise the next one.
  • You can not use anything (ambrosia etc...) to make your sim younger.
  • No cheats, unless to fix a glitch.
  • You cannot purchase any lifetime happiness rewards.
  • Every 5000 points (5000, 10,000, 15,000...) you can buy one item from buy mode even if your sim hadn't wished for it. It must be with your own money though, no cheats.
  • You are allowed to cancel one wish throughout the whole challenge.
Step Five: Scoring

The challenge ends when your sim is one day away from dying of old age.

  • +1 point for each lifetime happiness you have.
  • -1,000 points per promised wish leftover when your sim dies.
  • +1,000 points if you never cancelled a wish.
These are the rules, let the fun commence.... I will update with pictures of my challenge, I started this one today but forgot to take a screen capture, oh well I will do it before the end of the day!!

Link Click here for the original post of this challenge.

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