Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Asylum Challenge: Started

Welcome Back to my blog. In my last post I set out the rules for the Asylum challenge in the Sims 3 and I have started my new game already!! Here is the Asylum that I built for my crazies:

My crazies all lined up waiting to head inside

I am playing as Sumara, who is also crazy, but is trying to become a normal citizen by completing her lifetime wish which is Jack of all Trades. I went for the scary girl out of the ring look, but she didn't turn out that scary after all...


Having one bathroom and only five beds does get annoying, but Sumara always seems to get a bed at night, probably because she goes to bed before anyone else!! Now for some pics of the other crazies I made in some weird situations (and remember I don't control them!):

This girl is bat-shit crazy
Yeah... This guy
There are some genuinely funny moments just watching these sims go about their everyday business and alot of wet patches on the carpet!

"Does something smell funky?"
 And then there's stuff like this... But we won't go into that here. Anyway, I will keep you updated about how the challenge is going and snap some funny pics hopefully!

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