Sunday, 28 April 2013

Asylum Challenge: Underway

Hi again, due to getting the Sims Supernatural expansion pack, I have put off this challenge for a while. To be honest, this challenge is getting pretty boring because most of the play time is just me fast forwarding and trying to fix all the broken stuff. Nevertheless, I snapped some scary photos of Sumara when there was a fire and now she really does look like the girl from the ring!

I thought this looked pretty freaky, with all the other insane people freaking out.

Cue scary classical music!

Ahh!!! No get away from me!!! The crazies are screaming. Hahahahahahahaha!!

Well, that was the funniest thing that happened so far, but don't fret! I am continuing with this challenge, even if it is quite boring, and then I can move onto the next challenge!! See you next time!!

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