Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spoiled Sim Challenge Update

Hi there, well I started the Spoiled sim challenge yesterday and it's really hard forcing myself not to delete all those stupid wishes that my sim has!!

The sim I have created is called Veronica Silverton and she is trailer trash!! Haha nah she's not bad!! I originally wanted her to be in the music career but because of being a spoilt sim, she currently has a job as a podium polisher... That might come in handy...

I gave Veronica the flirty trait, and the social butterfly. God knows what possessed me to do that because she has a lot of social wants and has already been on two dates! Slut!! Well, hopefully she won't turn into the local bike, but then again she hasn't wanted to woohoo any of them yet...

I will keep you all updated with this challenge, oh and I already deleted a wish!! Arrrgghhhh!! I had to!!! Bye!!

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